Passing DP options in batch file.

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Passing DP options in batch file.

PostPosted by oranda » Wed May 13, 2015 6:47 pm

I am trying to figure out how to tell GP11 to use the option All Black for printing in a batch file.

We have a program that auto prints gxd files. I want it to print it in all black not with color. It is actually printing to a virtual printer that saves the file in a file.

In the DP command there are opTions then All black. It works great but I want to pass the option in a command line batch file.

Now it is gcp11.exe /dp

I have tried to add the T and A as those are the keys used in the app interface but it is not working.

gcp11.exe /dp /T/A
gcp11.exe /dp /A
gcp11.exe /dp /T,A
gcp11.exe /dp,T,A

Anyone know how to pass this along? Do I need a macro to pass options?
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