Scaling font sizes & types for various templates

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Scaling font sizes & types for various templates

PostPosted by Lresources » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:15 pm

Is there a way to set-up font sizes and types for each drawing scale? I.E. an 11X17 Landscape at scale 4800 I have font sizes @ 32.00 for dimensions and 48.00 BOLD for labels etc. A 11X17 @ scale 7200 is obviously different font sizes etc. If I save in AU then I have to change manually each time I change scale and/or sheet size. Is there a work around this?


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Re: Scaling font sizes & types for various templates

PostPosted by Tom Albright » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:37 pm

I think you mean "saving to AQ". I avoid saving to AQ at all costs. Its my base settings and I don't want it all mucked up.

I have a Side menu with all of my different scale settings. Here is an example of the 1/4 scale:

^^^J1/4 - 4,/MSP,++,/XMD,++,UN,I,TS,F,DESIGN,Z,4,A,.9,P,C,40,P,++,!,!,US,A,T,F,A,15,L,3",!,F,DESIGN,!,LL,0,CZ,1,1,/Set,StatusBarString, SCALE 1/4" - 48 ,/MSP,--,/XMD,--,;

We use a custom font called "Design". The code sets the size, aspect and character spacing of the font and leaders, as well as correct component scale. The last bit sets the name in the status bar, so I know which scale is loaded.

I use a separate menu section for dimensions. Don't know why I never combined them:

^^^J1/4 DIM,UN,I,US,T,T,U,1!,Y,++,C,--,P,++,D,++,Z,4,O,I,2,O,A,1.5,!,E,O,3,A,3,B,3,S,++,1,++,2,++,!,D,P,--,D,++,!,F,DESIGN,A,L,3,!,C,10,!,UM,P,PU;

Another method would be to use CFG files and the RN command. You could set up that on a side menu, too. Basically you just copy the correct sections out of the generalcadd.cfg file (AQ) and paste into a text file.

I use viewports almost exclusively now and have a more sophisticated, all-encompassing, automatic macro that does exactly what you want, all based on the scale and layer of the viewport.

Let me know if you are interested in that method or have any other questions.
Tom Albright
Tom Albright
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