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PostPosted by BadPapa » Thu May 19, 2016 4:23 pm

General Cadd Pro 11.0 crashes frequently.
Running under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
8 .00 GB
2.66 GHz
Occurs randomly.
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Re: crashes

PostPosted by CET » Thu May 19, 2016 5:43 pm

Fourth item down under Announcements is a link to the latest version V11.1.28. Try updating an hopefully that cures the problem.

That said, I'm having occasional crashes running V12.1.27 on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 8GB 2.8GHz machine, so that may not fix it.
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Re: crashes

PostPosted by PHINESLS » Fri May 20, 2016 9:52 am

I am using V11.1.28 on a Windows 7 Pro machine. GCP definitely Crashes mainly when I do big Hatches where the hatch Border is not perfectly closed, the Program gets bog down with having to do to many computations for that hatch. It is not to much of a Problem for me because I save my work often and after the crash I am back up and running with very little loss of time.


Patrick (Rusty) Hines L.S.
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Re: crashes

PostPosted by Tom Albright » Fri May 20, 2016 1:38 pm

I'm running V12.1.30 on Win 7 Pro x64 and experience very few crashes.
Tom Albright
Tom Albright
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Re: crashes

PostPosted by Ficx » Fri May 20, 2016 7:11 pm

V12.1.30? I thought the latest version was V12.1.27. Do you know something the rest of us don't know? LOL
I am running V12.1.27 and have had crashes only once or twice on my relatively old Win 7 Pro x32 desktop. I still need a desktop because mine is a parallel port dongle; it's the only way for me to have full access to GCP. Parallel ports are an extinct species on laptops, but can still be added to desktops (for how long? is anybody's guess).
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