Layout tabs batch print problem

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Layout tabs batch print problem

PostPosted by whwoodward » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:13 am

I have GeneralCADD 11.1.28 on 3 computers; one at work and a PC and a laptop at home. I often use batch print from layout tabs to PDF for drawing sets so I can put all the drawing sheets in one PDF file. After activating the print command, I typically select a printer setting preset with the sheet size and the PDF printer I am using, and then hit the "Apply to All Tabs" button to set the printer setting to all of the tabs. Next I click on "Enter", then "Select Layout Tabs" and then "Print Selected." The output typically is a single PDF file with the each of the layout tabs printed to a page of the PDF file. This process works fine on my work computer and my laptop, however on my PC at home the output is the first page printed in the selected format and each of the subsequent pages reverting to some other unknown printer setting.

I have tried tweaking several printer settings, deleting all printer settings and then setting them up again, copying the config file from my laptop into my PC GeneralCADD folder, and finally uninstalling GeneralCADD from my PC and then reinstalling. Nothing has corrected the problem. I am running Windows 10 on my Dell PC but I had the problem on this computer when I was still running Windows 8.1. My laptop is running Windows 8.1 and the GeneralCADD print functions work fine there so I don't believe Windows 8.1 (or Windows 10 either) is the problem. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out a solution, or have any suggestions?
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Re: Layout tabs batch print problem

PostPosted by Tom Albright » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:38 pm

I have not had that exact problem. I have had issues with "work computer" created files that are I try to print at home, where I don't have the same printers.

I would start by removing the "default" "PRA and PRB files under: C:\General CADD 12\Settings\Printer . These are safe to remove and will be re-created automatically on program run.

DP,E,P and making sure Multi-page in <ON>

Does it happen on all files or just a specific one?

Do you use a different PDF driver at home?
Tom Albright
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